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Curso Completo Kitesurf - 10 horas - € 320 

 empieza con este apasionante deporte.

Desde principiante a kitsurfer@ certificado e indipendente.

KiteSurfing Barcelona

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KSB - KiteSurfing Barcelona is Barcelona's kiteboarding hotspot. Kitesurfing School, Kitesurfing Trips (Roadtrips), Rental and Social Club.

Barcelona is not only one of the most important but also one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean Sea with a very special flare. It's full of cultural tresures, food is great and nightlife goes from Monday to Sunday. Barcelona is situated on the northwest coast of Spain in the Costa Brava region. This coast can produce good wind and waves, and with more than 20 beaches in and around Barcelona.

KSB - Kitesurfing School Barcelona 

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Full Kite Package (independency course) – 4 Kitesurf Lessons (10 hours) – € 320 per student

KSB is where you learn to kiteboard in the safest, fastest and funniest way. We are the only kite school in the region, which offers besides Spanish also courses in English, German and Dutch. We only use save and high quality equipment.

The not very strong but constant winds make it an ideal place for kitesurfing beginners. The most frequent wind direction is cross shore, what makes it easyer and safer. The pleasant climate allows kiting the hole year around even if a neoprene in winter is necessary.
We offer individualized courses for all your needs. Whether you prefer taking classes in a group, in pairs or private with a teacher. We will acknowledge your individual program.


Our team, which has many years of experience and IKO training, will teach you the necessary skills. The image of Kiteboarding is extreme, but it is a sport that can be practiced and enjoyed by many. The sport is growing everywhere in the world. Our primary focus is your safety. We will teach you how to stay safe but also to have a lot of fun.

If you already got some experience on the water or you want to improve your knowledge, you can also join an existing group. We have groups for all levels and also offer advanced courses for freestyle.

We also do  organize road trips to the best kite spots in the region such as Catelldefells, San Pere Pescador, or Delta del Ebro.

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