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Curso Completo Kitesurf - 10 horas - € 320 

 empieza con este apasionante deporte.

Desde principiante a kitsurfer@ certificado e indipendente.

Kitesurfing Trips - Camps

KSB kite trips are the best way to enjoy the weekend!

Sunset sessions, beach parties and a new super exciting sport! We leave on Saturday 10am and return Sunday 10pm. During the summer we do also trips during the weekdays. The locations are wind dependant but our favourite spots are; Sant Pere Pescador, Costa Brava (famous for endless, spacious beach and wind statistics equal to those in Tarifa) and Delta de Ebro, Tarragona (with a natural waist-high lagoon, perfect for learning).

The cost for a 2 day roadtrip is dependant upon the amount of classes you take during the weekend, with an additional 25 euros for transportation.

We provide transport, kitesurf, tents and
sleeping gear. You only need to bring personal belongings including
towel, sunglasses, suncream and of course, yourself!!

We look forward to meeting you and enjoying the kitesurf lifestyle.


San Pere Pescador

san pere pescador trip

Delta del Ebro

Party and Fun after Kiting



Playa del Trabucador Delta